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this haircut is really working out

I need 6 more surveys. Please take one for me and I’ll send good karma your way! Put answers in my ask box. Thank you!!

1. Gender

2. Age

3. How many days a week do you eat breakfast?

4. Did you eat breakfast this morning?

5. Where did you eat breakfast? Car / Home / School / On-the-go / N/A

6. What did you eat for breakfast?

7. How did you feel today after eating breakfast? Scale 1-5, 1= tired, 5=energized

8. What does breakfast do for you? Wakes me up / Gives me energy / Puts me in a better mood / Makes me feel healthy / Other

9. If you did not eat breakfast, how did you feel today after not eating? Scale 1-5, 1= tired, 5= energized

10. If you did not eat breakfast, why not? Did not have time / Wasn’t hungry / Watching weight / Did not have money to buy breakfast / Other